Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Reviews

Popular in offices, water dispensers are becoming a must-have appliance in homes today. Bottom loading water dispensers provide all the benefits that come with the top loading water dispensers. But, why buy a bottom loading water dispenser as opposed to a top loading dispenser?

Top loading dispensers make it hard to refill. A standard 5-gallon water bottle weighs over 40 pounds. Lifting a bottle this heavy for some of us could lead to back injuries if done incorrectly. But, for bottom loading dispensers, this is eliminated as the water bottle goes below, making it easier to change.

Apart from making it hard to refill, top loading dispensers may also splash water on you when lifting and installing the water bottle.

Picture this; You are leaving for work in the morning, the dispenser needs a water bottle refill. Because you see it as an easy task you make up your mind to change it . You get the water refill, remove the empty bottom on top. As soon as you lift, the water bottle splashes water on your clothes. This is not only a mess, but you may get late for work.

This is just one scenario. With the bottom loading dispenser this is never to happen. Although some top loading dispensers come with the bottle spike feature in the water dispenser baffle that poke holes in the bottle cap as you lower it down, the time spent fussing with the bottle is much compared to the bottom loading water dispenser mechanism.

Another advantage of the bottom load water dispenser is it appears stylish and has a modern look. As opposed to having a bottle of water on top, the bottle is hidden in the base.

There are different types of water dispensers you can buy. Below are the four main types of water dispensers:

There are different types of water dispensers you can buy. Below are the four main types of water dispensers:

  • ​Top loading water dispensers

  • ​Wall mounted water dispensers

  • ​Counter-top water dispensers

  • ​Bottom loading water dispensers

There are some factors you need to look at before purchasing a bottom loading water dispenser. Those factors are the water dispensers features such as auto-cleaning, water purification mechanisms, and the cost.

That is why it is not going to be an easy decision when choosing one that matches your preferences. Our top five list takes a look at the best bottom loading dispensers available.

Best Bottom Loading Water Dispensers Reviewed

Below is a table that shows our top five bottom loading water dispensers. We hope this list will help you in choosing a bottom loading water dispenser that most suits you. You can also read our Bottom loading water dispenser buying guide before making a purchase.

1. Avalon Commercial Grade Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

First on our list is the Avalon commercial grade self Cleaning bottom loading water dispenser.

So, why is it the best bottom loading dispenser on our list?

For starters, the simple modern design of this water dispenser was one of the attractive features. The Avalon bottom loading dispenser comes with a stainless steel body construction giving it a unique modern look.

If the design does not matter to you, then the Avalon is packed with other great features that make it a must buy water dispenser if you are looking to buy.

avalon water dispenserTo the technical details, the Avalon dispenser comes with three temperature settings, i.e., cold, room temperature and hot water outputs. With just a press of a button, you can allow water to flow out of any faucet of your choice.

For the cold water, you do not need to add ice cubes to your drink. The water flows out cold and ready to use. For coffee and tea lovers, the hot water that flows out of this dispenser is warm enough to steam a hot beverage at any time.

For safety reasons and to protect children from the hot water, a child safety lock has been added to lock the hot water faucet.

The flow rate of the water was kind of slow. Maybe it could have been because the water had to pass via the water filter or other reasons. We observed that a water dispenser without a water filter had a higher flow rate.

The built-in water filter removes water odor and other contaminants in the water. The filter that comes with the dispenser lasts up to 6 months, but this will change depending on the frequency and number of people using the dispenser. Roughly, you will have to consume about 1500 gallons of water before opting for a water filter change.

The water filter is also attached to a filter light indicator that lights up when it is time to replace the filter. The filter change indicator lights up solid red. Avoiding changing the water filter will lead to a reduction in the rate of water flow, and it may also allow contaminants through to your drinking water.

The Avalon dispenser self-cleaning feature is also another great option this dispenser has to offer. Even with a water filter, frequently cleaning a water filter prevents bacteria accumulation in the tanks of the dispenser.

The Avalon is protected by a limited time warranty of one-year.

2. Whirlpool Bottom Loading Commercial Water Cooler Dispenser

The next dispenser on our list is the Whirlpool bottom loading water dispenser. The Whirlpool Corporation has been a manufacturer of home appliances for quite a long time.

Being the second on the list does not make this dispenser any less better. Here are some of its features:

The Whirlpool dispenser incorporates a full stainless steel finish on the front. The curved design gives it a better and unique shape from most dispensers.

It comes with two temperature settings, both cold and hot water systems. Apart from cooling down the water, the whirlpool also has a large piece of ice that keeps the water chillingly cold. The hot water is also right and hot enough to prepare tea or make a cup of coffee.

In addition to the two water temperature settings, This Whirlpool dispenser can also dispense water at room temperature.

Unfortunately, the Whirlpool does not come with the self-cleaning feature. However, you can clean the dispenser manually. Cleaning procedures can be found online. Click here for cleaning see the process. However, you can also get a Whirlpool self-cleaning dispenser model, But you have to spend more.

Another downside of this water cooler dispenser is the lack of a water filter. If you lack a house filter or use tap water directly, I would not advise you to pick this model. But, if you will be buying bottled filtered water, then this would be a solid investment.

Lacking a water filter is not a bad a choice. If you own a house water filter, you can save up on the filter replacements that other dispenser owners have to grapple with after every six-month.

The flow rate of the Whirlpool is as fast as normal tap water. This could be due to the inclusion of a powerful water tap or the lack of a water filter.

A one-year warranty protects the Whirlpool bottom loading water dispenser.

3. Primo Bottom Load Self Cleaning Water Dispenser

Primo Water is a trusted manufacturer of small kitchen appliances and water dispensers. Among their essential products, Primo Bottom Cleaning Water Dispenser truly stands out. There are many reasons why this product has received lots of positive customer reviews. If you are worried about water spillages while filling your jugs, this water dispenser is designed for you.

It is a compact water dispenser weighing just 16 pounds and standing at 41 inches tall. You can easily bottom load and avoid backaches.

Pros of the Primo Bottom Load Self Cleaning Water Dispenser

  • ​It features an adjustable cavity that can accommodate different sizes of containers.

  • ​Makes the water hot enough to make a cup of tea satisfactorily. Users can also prepare other beverages, soups, and foods with it.

  • ​Many users are happy with it after using theirs for more than a year without experiencing any problems

  • Ideal for individuals with bad backs because you can easily bottom load it

  • It is also suitable for a small kitchen. This water dispenser can fit well into a corner or any small space near the kitchen counter

Cons of Primo Bottom Load Self Cleaning Water Dispenser

  • ​Lacks an adjustable thermostat

  • ​Some users claim that the containers are left with drops of water when they empty it.

  • ​Available in color black only

4. Brio Essential Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser

Providing you with water at the best temperature, Brio Essential Series Bottom Cooler Dispenser is a high-quality product. This excellent bottom loading water dispenser produces cold water to cool you off on a scorching summer day or after a tiring workout session. Moreover, it has a simple push button with child-safety features so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your kids won’t get hurt while using it alone.

With an ergonomic design for your ultimate convenience, this top loading water cooler features a wide range of accessories that help to enhance its overall reliability. It is a durable water cooler that will serve you for a long time to come.

Moreover, the LED lights indicate the right water temperature as well as when the container is empty and needs to be replaced. It dispenses both hot and cold water and therefore, can suit all of your needs.

Pros of Brio Essential Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser

  • ​It dispenses water at the best temperature, usually between 40 and 44 degrees.

  • ​Its bottom-loading ergonomic design prevents spilling, flipping, and lifting

  • ​It weighs in at only 37 pounds, which means that you can carry quickly from one place to another

  • ​It comes with a child-safety lock system that helps to prevent any harm to the child while using it.

  • ​It features easy and convenient buttons

Cons of Brio Essential Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser

  • ​It is quite expensive, but its excellent features easily make up for the high price tag.

  • ​It tends to wear off quite fast.

5. Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A

Made by one of the leading manufacturers of electrical appliances, the revolutionary Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A water dispenser is an excellent choice. You won’t have to worry about its reliability.

Providing users with both the options of cooling and heating water, this water dispenser uses three to five-gallon water bottles. It also comes equipped with food-grade stainless steel cabinet to ensure clean and safe water for you all the time.

At the push of a simple button, you can quickly heat and cool water, allowing you to make your favorite beverages as well as soups.

Moreover, the bottom-loading design of this water cooler ensures a spill-free office or home. Installation is also easy and quick. It requires no filters and features an adjustable dishwasher for easy cleaning. You will also be pleased to know that although the water jug is covered, its LED lights will also let you know when to replace it.

Pros of Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A

  • ​Features child-safety locks to prevent kids from pressing the hot water buttons.

  • ​The water jug slides smoothly so anyone can replace it when empty.

  • ​No filters required

  • ​Energy star certified & ETL compliant

  • ​It has a removable tray for easy and safe cleaning.

  • ​Easy and quick to install in your home or office

Cons of Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A

  • ​Pressure can affect water flow. So be sure to install the jug properly before dispensing water

  • ​Any loose switches can be tightened with a screwdriver or paperclip

  • ​Leaks and lose suction if the water jug is not installed properly

Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Buying Guide

Apart from our list of the best bottom loading water dispensers, there are a ton of other dispensers out there. When selecting a water dispenser for home or office use, these are some of the things to look out for:

1. Water temperature settings
2. Filtration system
3. Self-Cleaning mechanism
4. Cost of the water dispenser
5. Maintenance costs
6. Warranty

Water Temperature Settings

Water dispensers offer different temperature settings. There are three common water temperatures present in most water dispensers. They are;

1. Cold water outlet
2. Hot water outlet
3. Room temperature outlet

Most water dispensers come with both cold water and the hot water dispenser.

However, in advanced water dispenser models, you can have a third outlet that pipes out water at your room temperature.

Water Filtration

Water filters remove chlorine, water odor, and other water impurities.

Not all bottom loading water dispensers come with water filters, so, if you need to be sure you are drinking clean water, buy a water dispenser with a water filter.

If you choose to buy a bottom loading water dispenser with a water filter, check how long the filter will last or how much water will be consumed before changing the filter.

Some manufacturers such as Avalon will also give you an additional water filter installation kit consisting of the necessary tools to set up and maintain your dispenser.

For more information on water filters read this guide: Home Water Filter Buying Guide

Self-Cleaning Mechanism

The Self-Cleaning mechanism in water dispensers comes in handy in offices where you frequently use the dispenser. A self-cleaning water dispenser can also come in handy for a large family or if you are super busy.

Many advantages come with self-cleaning dispensers. For starters, the will allow the dispenser to last for many years. Self-Cleaning also helps in keeping out bacteria build up in the water tanks.

For your dispenser to be highly efficient, I would recommend running the self-cleaning feature at least once a week.

The Cost of a Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

water dispenser costPrices vary from one dispenser to another. While expensive bottom loading water dispensers come with more features, cheap water dispensers could sometime match up to their expensive counterparts.

Popular brands tend to be expensive. But, in real sense when you compare those to upcoming or little-known brands, they are no match. People tend to go for the brand instead of looking for features of the product.

Additional features added to a water dispenser will most likely impact the price range. For example, a self-cleaning Whirlpool bottom water dispenser comes at an extra cost compared to the same dispenser that lacks the self-cleaning feature. If you are willing to part with some features, you could end up saving or getting a water dispenser at an affordable budget.

Maintenance of the Water Dispenser

water filter maintenanceA dispenser may come at a lower price. But, maintenance could end up being costly than you thought you could afford. In the long run, you could end up spending too much on a water dispenser.

Maintenance includes anything that needs to be fixed for the proper continued working of a water dispenser. These include replacement filters which should be replaced after a specified duration of time or use.

Buying a water dispenser that requires water filters that cost over $100 would not be ideal in the long run. So, always check to see the prices of various replaceable objects before you purchase.

Water Dispenser Warranty

A warranty gives you a guarantee or assurance that a product will live up to its expectations. A longer warranty period is always advisable when shopping.

Apart from the warranty of the product, you can also check to see if the seller offers trial periods before you commit to buy the product. This will give you the chance to test and see if the product fits your preferences.

Bottom Load Water Dispenser vs. Top loading

Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Top Loading Water Dispenser

  • ​Bottom loading dispensers use jugs placed below

    Bottom loading dispensers use jugs placed below
  • ​Bottom loading dispensers use pumps to draw water up to the water tank.

    Bottom loading dispensers use pumps to draw water up to the water tank.
  • ​Bottom loading dispensers cost more than top loading dispensers. They cost same to operate.

    Bottom loading dispensers cost more than top loading dispensers. They cost same to operate.
  • ​Top loading dispensers use jugs that are placed on top.

    Top loading dispensers use jugs that are placed on top.
  • ​Top loading dispensers use gravity to drain water into the water tank below.

    Top loading dispensers use gravity to drain water into the water tank below.
  • ​Cost less

Advantages of Water Dispensers

Apart from making clean water to be easily accessible and water dispensers also come with many benefits and here I will list some.

  1. They are easy to maintain
  2. You do not have to worry about clean water
  3. Many dispensers like countertop dispensers are portable and easy to store

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