Best Indoor Basketball Hoop 2018 – 6 Basketball Hoops Reviewed

indoor basketball hoopBasketball has gained popularity in the world. Being a favorite sport here in the USA more people are finding themselves in basketball courts playing or watching the game. Sometimes you may get difficulty leaving to play basketball on the pitch. Why not play basketball in the comfort of your home? This is why today we are going to review the best indoor basketball hoops you can buy.

Whether it is a children’s indoor basketball hoop or you are getting it for yourself does not matter. Indoor basket hoops can be used by anybody, young and old alike both can entertain themselves.

With that said here is our list of the best indoor basketball hoops.

Basketball HoopBalls IncludedDimensions 
SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop5" rubber ball18" x 12" View Product
Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over4" Rubber Basketball18" x 10.5" View Product
RAM goal Basketball Hoop5" synthetic rubber ball24" x 16" View Product
Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set 6" rubber basketball22" x 23.75" x 60"
Adjustable 2-4ft
View Product
Champion Steel Chain Basketball NetNo ball6" x 4" x 1.6" View Product
Pop-A-Shot7 Mini Rubber Basketballs88”L x 46”W x 82”/88”/94”H View Product

Best Indoor Basketball Hoops 2018

1. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop – Our Best Mini Basketball Set

If you are looking for an indoor hoop that has the look, function, and durability of a pro-grade basket, then the SKLZ Pro mini basketball hoop is your best choice.

This basketball hoop is among the most ordered for and most shipped hoops. It provides several advantages to users, including efficiency and provides more fun to the players using it

If you are a pro player, then you know of this hoop. It gives you the real basketball experience every time you set it up and play. All the action involved in basketball is guaranteed. Fun is also another factor that needs to be considered when purchasing a right basketball hoop. After all, basketball is meant to generate fun as you exercise.

If you love to play basketball wherever you go to, this is the basketball hoop that you might want to pick. Being an easy assembly hoop, it only takes a few minutes to get you started on the game.

This hoop is also suitable for mounting over the door or on a wall. The easy setup ability of this hope will allow you to have mobile plays on the go without worrying about setting it up again and again.

The hoop comes with over-the-door brackets that are meant to hook over a door. To mount it to a wall you will need to purchase wall mounting brackets. Other options include removing the over-the-door brackets by taking out the screws and mounting the hoop to a wall.

The hoop comes with a 9-inch breakaway steel rim perfect to practice dunks. It is equipped with a spring that bounces the rim back after making a shot. It also features an 8-loop net that hardly breaks. As an added advantage, you can play many games using this hoop without necessarily breaking the net after a swoosh.

Durability is one factor that you don’t want to miss on this one. Having being made from a shatter-resistant material, you can be sure to play on this hoop without worrying about breaking it.

2. Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over – The Best Mini Basketball Hoop for Door

Durability, ease of use and flexibility are the words that can describe this basketball hoop. To begin with, ease of installation is one of the most important factors you should look at before choosing a suitable basketball hoop.

This product easily mounts on a pre-assembled bracket, hence giving the user ample time to enjoy the game.

Similar to the SKLZ Pro mini basketball hoop, the Spalding NBA slam jam hoop comes with hangers similar to the hangers for clothing that lets you hang it over your door easily. The problem one would face when hanging this hoop is if your door is ‘skinny’ or an oversized door that may not allow the hoop to attach and hold perfectly.

Durability is also important. Considering that this product is made of steel, durability is taken care of. It comes with a 9-inch diameter steel breakaway rim that guarantees minimal chances of breaking during a game. This is considerate to the fact that passion in basketball is associated with a rogue play that may break the hoop.

The hoop holds up well to dunking but cannot hold too much weight, or it might break. However, as long as one does not try hanging from the hoop, it can withstand most play and dunks.

The hoop comes with a 4-inch miniature deflated Spalding basketball which will need to be inflated before use for some real indoor one on one game.

3. RAM goal Basketball Hoop – Best Adjustable Indoor Basketball Hoop

The name of the product says it all! This is also another competitive brand that comes with several characteristics that are aimed at providing the best basketball experience to the different users.

To begin with, it is durable, with a thick backboard frame that withstands aggressive play. If you are a basketball player or a fan you know the game gets rougher as you get absorbed into the game.

Another unique feature of this basketball hoop is adjust-ability. One can quickly adjust the height up and down depending on own preferences. This is aimed at making the game more interesting. The adjustable height can reach up to 13 inches. This comes in handy if the general gameplay height is affected by the height of the people playing with you.

The hoop is strongly built, and not flimsy looking like those advertised everywhere.

Setting it up was quite easy. The instructions that came with the model I purchased were for drywall only. But you can always place it on wood panel wall provided you can locate the studs and screw it. You can get the CH Hanson magnetic stud finder to makes it easy to locate a stud.

Just like most of the best basketball hoop brands, it comes with a mini basketball. However, it is made from synthetic leather, which directly contributes to the basketball’s durability.

4. Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set –  Indoor Basketball Hoop for Toddlers

If you are looking to purchase a basketball hoop for your child or as a gift to a toddler, then the Little Tikes Easyscore indoor basketball hoop is one of the great options in the market.

Here are some of the factors that make this toddler basketball hoop amazing:

First, the quality of this hoop is good. It is well built and can withstand even rough play from a toddler. The materials are durable and could last longer, but this also depends on the frequency of play and the maintenance of this basketball set.

Another feature I liked about this set was the ability to adjust to different heights up to a maximum of 4 feet. The hoop can be adjusted to six height settings from 2 to 4 feet tall. This can make it useful for some years before your child grows up.

After buying this basketball set, you are required to fill the base to make it stable when your young one is playing with it. You can fill the base with sand to make it hard for it to topple over when being used. To fill sand, you can use the cap on the base and use a funnel fill it.

This basketball set comes with a rubber ball. The ball is smaller than a regulation basketball and fits into little hands very nicely. The ball can be inflated, and it is large enough not to be a choking hazard.

So, there you have it. If you little toddler is into the sport this can be one of the best toddler basketball hoops you can purchase.

5. Champion Sports Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Chain Basketball Net

Next on our list is the Champion basketball net.

Rusting of a basketball chain is one of the annoying little things that has not been handled by most basket hoop manufacturers. However, with this Champion chain, you can forget about rust problems on your basketball hoop. The chain is made of galvanized steel that barely gets rust. This makes this hoop better for use even outdoors in adverse weather conditions without damage.

Another feature is the ability to attach the hoop without necessarily having skills. This is facilitated by the easy to use hooks attached to the steel chain. Moreover, this makes it easy to replace nets with new ones after the recommended time. It is also designed to fit any standard basketball hoop. You can fit it on any hoop, whether indoor or outdoor.

The Champion basketball net is also easy to install on any hoop. It comes with hooks on the net that provide for easy installation.
If you prefer outdoors, this is the hoop you can get. I call it the multi-tasking chain, i.e., you can use it indoors and outdoors depending on your preferences.

6. Pop-A-Shot – Best Indoor Basketball Hoop Arcade

Pop-A-Shot is considered as one of the best basketball arcade games. This explains why the pricing of this arcade game is relatively higher than other similar products in the market. First, the manufacturers of this product have a good reputation in the market. This item has been one of their most epic releases.

For starters, The Pop-A-Shot basketball arcade hoop is equipped with a number of sensors embedded, guaranteeing the player of complete shot accuracy. With the infrared sensors, the accuracy of this Arcade game is 100%.

Unlike other indoor basketball hoops in this category, if you are into buying the Pop-A-Shot, you should at least have extra space to keep it.

The build quality is great. Overall, the sturdiness of the equipment is good. The tubes used in the construction of this product are pure steel. Powder coating is applied to keep off rust on the tubes hence giving you a guarantee that you will enjoy the game for long.

The assembly of this unit does take time and patience to complete. So when working on it set aside a few hours to complete the work. Luckily the instructions that come with this indoor hoop are clear enough and legible.

Interactive gameplay is also another added feature added to this game. It comprises of ten different games that provide the best environment for interactivity when using this hoop as a single player.


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