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Best Proform Treadmill 2017 – Home Treadmills Reviewed

Exercise treadmills are becoming more popular in today’s society. This is due to the demand of exercising, keeping fit and most importantly living a healthier life.

With that in mind treadmill manufacturers are producing better, simpler and affordable/ cheap treadmill machines to aid home workouts.

Proform treadmills are one of the cheap treadmills in the market and are highly durable.

The Proform treadmill is an ICON health and Fitness treadmill brand. When it comes to some of the best, affordable and durable treadmills, then Proform has all this and much more features that make them one of the best brands in the market today.

Best Proform Treadmills 2017

With that said, Here is the of the best Proform treadmill brand 2017.

1. Proform Pro 2000 – Best Proform Treadmill to Buy 2017

The Proform Pro 2000 is one of the best home treadmills Proform has to offer. It is in the pro series, and shares most feature with higher model numbers. In the Proform Pro series category, the Pro 2000 is the lowest priced treadmill. The 2017 version of this model still maintains a competitive edge with excellent performance, affordability and space efficiency.


The Proform team offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor and also gives you five years on the parts plus two years of service in case anything goes wrong.


Equipped with this technology the Proform Pro 2000 prepares you for uphill and downhill challenges. The -3% decline helps you train to lean forward safely, improving your muscle damage resistance. The 15% incline prepares you for uphill tasks and helps in burning more calories.


Designed with the ProShox Cushioning technology, the Pro 2000 gives you a comfortable working.

Workout Screen

The screen is backlit which makes it easy to read. It shows you mileage, speed, calorie burn, heart rate and time spent exercising. To get more out of your workouts, you can use the Proform Pro 2000 with your tablet computer running the iFit app (Membership sold separately)

Workout Track

Unlike most treadmills, the track of the Pro 2000 is long enough just to fit about anyone. The treadmill track is 60” long and 22” wide.


The Proform Pro 2000 treadmill is quite heavy (210LBS) and can be incredibly challenging getting into the house. Be ready to ask help or hire professional movers who can help with moving it easily around your home.



  • Powerfull Motor
  • incline/Decline
  • Cost
  • 7" Backlit LCD display
  • 32 Built in programs
  • Bulky                                

The Proform Pro 2000 treadmill is a great treadmill for both runners and walkers. The cushioning technology gives you a comfortable area while working out. Apart from being bulky this treadmill is ideal and recommended for working out.

The ProForm Pro 5000 is a high-quality treadmill powered for serious training. The incline/decline from -3 to 15% makes it best for versatile training. It is also equipped with a 7” wide High Definition touch screen and has a browser for connection to the internet. The Pro 5000 also comes equipped with 38 workout apps and is also iFit coach enabled (subscription required) for advanced exercise programs and other benefits. It also comes fitted with a 22”x60” long and extra-wide belt surface.

Web Display

The 7” touch screen with an Android browser that lets you access the internet and data easily.

iFit Enabled

The Pro 5000 comes equipped with the traditional all in one fitness app, iFit coach. The many features of iFit coach include a library of workout videos, simulated outdoor hiking with Google maps route, automated data logging and lots more. You can get the iFit Coach Membership priced at $9/month.

Incline and Decline

The incline and decline feature makes exercise more enjoyable. This feature can also be helpful for boosting your metabolic rate and training your muscles in different ways.


If you buy the Proform Pro 5000, you get a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame, five years on parts, and two years of service.

Folding Design With EasyLift

Equipped with EasyLift Assist technology, the Pro 5000 fold upward with shock-assist technology if you push on the treadmill’s deck.

High Capacity Motor

The 4.0 CHP motor with a lifetime warranty in the Pro 5000 is more than adequate for the typical family’s training needs. This motor can handle long training sessions and is ideal for runners.

Too Large

Although the Proform Pro 5000 is foldable, it is too large for some homes.



  • High capacity motor
  • EasyLift Technology
  • Web display
  • Incline/ Decline
  • Too Large       
  • Expensive

The Proform Pro 5000 Treadmill is a high-performance treadmill. The bigger HD touch screen with a web browser makes it possible to set up a motivating presence at home for workouts. The Higher motor power is ideal for runners and hardcore workouts.

3. Proform 505 CST – Best Treadmill For Walkers

The Proform 505 CST treadmill designed for convenience and durability. It is also budget friendly which makes it one of the best treadmills to get in the market. It is inclined which gives your legs a little extra burn and prepares you for those uphill routes challenges.


The Proform 505 CST treadmill model is cost effective compared to other treadmills that boast same features.

Folding Design

If your house or apartment is out of space, the Proform SpaceSaver design comes in handy. With this technology, you can fold and store away the machine after use with no trouble.

Audio Capabilities

If you like some music to keep you going when working out, then this treadmill is for you. It is equipped with two 2” intermix acoustic speakers and also supports Mp3 player and iPod devices. You will need a male to male auxiliary audio cable to play music from devices.


The Proform 505 CST comes protected with a Lifetime Frame warranty, one-year parts and labor warranty and a 25-year motor warranty. With this warranty added to the device, you are sure to protect your investment if anything goes wrong.

Easy Assembling

The treadmill comes with an owner’s manual that has very clear and illustrative instructions to assemble it. It also does not require much effort putting it together, and anybody with little mechanical knowledge can do it. It takes about 1 ½ hrs to put together by yourself but less if you have a second person assistance.

Inclined mode

The inclined mode on the Proform 505 is a game changer. The 505 offers automatic, powered incline adjustability to give your body the best workout possible and prepare you for those challenging uphill routes.


Speakers not super enough – If you like to have a serious bass or extra volume you would have to use an external source since the two speakers available are not super loud.



  • Cost
  • Inclined mode
  • 6" LCD window
  • Speakers not loud enough

Overall the Proform 505 CST is an excellent mid-range priced treadmill. It runs smoothly and with less bounce or vibrations. It is also easy to assemble, and I would advise you to assemble it where you plan to use it.

The Proform 400i treadmill is one of the cost cheap treadmills you can get with Proform, which makes it one of the best starter treadmills you can get. This treadmill comes with an in-house efficiency power booster which means you can save on the amount of electricity you use while working out every day.


This treadmill comes with a lifetime Frame warranty, 25 years motor and one-year parts and Labor warranty.

Power incline

With the incline technology, you can burn more calories as you workout. The Proform 400i comes equipped with up to 10% incline.

Integrated Tablet Holder

The integrated tablet holder makes it possible to attach your tablet securely to the treadmill. You can also use your tablet with iFit to get better results in your workouts.

Grip Heart Monitor

While the heart grip monitor might not be as accurate as other heart rate monitors, it makes it possible to keep track of your heart rate for better workouts.



  • Intergrated tablet holder
  • Power incline
  • Grip Heart monitor

This treadmill shares most of its specs with other proform treadmill brand models. The Proform 400i treadmill could be a better option for joggers and walkers to buy.

The Proform 6.0 rt is one of the cheapest treadmills by Proform treadmills. It is compact, lightweight and features a folding frame design. It also features a power incline of up to 10%.


Coming from a well-known brand, the Proform 6.0 rt is one of the inexpensive models offered by Proform treadmills.

SpaceSaver design

Like most Proform treadmills this treadmill comes equipped with the space saver design, this means it can fit in your small apartment without any hassles.


The frame of the Proform 6.0 rt is designed with steel and very is lightweight. This makes it easy to move around when moving or working out.


You will only get 90days coverage on parts, and labor and 5yrs cover on motor and frame as compared to the Proform 505 cst which you one-year warranty on labor and 25years motor warranty.


The speed of this treadmill is mostly designed for walking exercises because the speed is relatively slow.

Display screen

Unless you have a bright light in the room you are going to fix this treadmill; you will have trouble reading the led display because it is very dim lit. The screen size is also small and one would struggle to read it.



  • Cost
  • SpaceSaver design
  • Lightweight
  • Warranty
  • Speed
  • Display screen

The Proform 6.0 rt treadmill is cost effective, but the features/specs are not any better. The treadmill is also not designed for running but walking exercises.

Proform Treadmill – Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a treadmill for your home, you need to consider several factors before deciding on your choice. Here are pointers on what to look out for:

1. Cost

Getting a treadmill is an investment to most of us. If you are to shop for a treadmill according to its price, I would advice getting the best treadmill in that price range. Cost is dependent on the features you need.

2. Purpose

When you get your treadmill, you do not want to over stress it motor and belt. That is why you need to consider how you will be using the treadmill. If you are into running I advice you go for higher motor power (over 3.0CHP), and if you are into jogging, I would advise going for 2.0 – 2.5 CHP.

3. Space

You do not want to buy a treadmill and end up squeezing it in your small apartment. Even if you are to buy a folding treadmill it needs to fit in your space comfortably even when unfolded.

4. Number of people using the Treadmill

The number of individuals using a treadmill is a determining factor to your treadmill choice. If you are a big family, it would be better to go for a treadmill that can handle the numbers without stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I assemble a treadmill myself?

Yes. Assembling the Proform treadmill is quite easy and would take 2-3 hours to complete. Every Proform treadmill comes equipped with a user manual to help in easy assembling. For heavier treadmills, I would suggest asking for an extra helping hand or seeking professional services to move the machine around.

How do I know which treadmill is right for me?

To know which treadmill is better for you depends on your use. If you will be using your treadmill for running, I would advice choosing a treadmill with a higher power output. Your weight also is a determinant of the type of treadmill you want. Check the weight limit of a treadmill before buying.

How much power should a home treadmill have?

When it comes to treadmill power, you do not want to compromise. The first factor to consider is the purpose of the treadmill. It is evident that runners would need more power than jogger or walkers. So if you will be using your treadmill for walking the motor power can be anything between 2.0 – 2.5 CHP. A runner would require more than 3.0 CHP.

Secondly, your weight also affects the amount of power you require. Heavier people would need more power compared to lighter people.

What is the difference between folding and non-folding home treadmill?

I think this question is quite self-explanatory. Folding treadmills frame and deck can be folded after one is through with exercising. On the other hand, non-folding treadmills cannot be folded. The main advantage folding treadmills have over non-folding treadmills is they save on space for people with limited area for exercising.

Which lubricant/lube should I use on the treadmill?

If your treadmill belt seems to be dragging or sticking, then it is high time to lubricate and prevent wear. You can purchase the lubricant which comes in a single tube or a three tube kit.

Please watch the video below on how to apply the lubricant.

Nb: If you have any other questions about treadmills, please feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to help.

Conclusion – Wrapping it up

The treadmill market is pretty saturated with many brands. Finding the best among the list can be a tedious task taking your time and energy. Keep in mind that there is nothing like the best treadmill but each is built and suited for different consumers. In case you need a review or think we missed a good Proform treadmill please get in touch, and we will be glad to help.

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