Best Solar Pool Cover – A Comparison of The Best Pool Blankets

A solar pool cover or a solar blanket is a material that helps in preventing heat loss, retaining the temperature of your pool or even increasing the temperature a pool.

If you are looking to save money on electricity bills, a solar pool cover can also come in handy. They are Eco-friendly too, so you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals or excretions.

Solar pool covers come in different shapes. From oval, round or rectangular, there is a solar blanket for every pool owner. You can also trim a solar pool cover if you pool’s shape is not standard.If you are looking to buy a solar pool cover here is our best solar pool cover, best solar pool cover.

There are three types of solar pool covers, the bubble covers, solar rings covers and tinted/clear solar pool cover. In this review, we tested all these pool covers and came up with the best solar blankets you can buy.

Solar Pool Cover Comparison Table

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Best 5 Solar pool covers reviewed

1. Sun2Solar Solar Heating Swimming Pool Cover Blanket Brand

First on the list are the Sun2Solar solar pool covers. The Sun2Solar is one of the best brands that makes and distributes solar blankets. The Sun2Solar swimming blankets come in a variety of colors ranging from blue, clear and clear diamond. They are also available in different sizes and shapes.

When used in our pool, the Sun2solar pool blanket considerably minimized the evaporation rates by up to 95%. Heat retention also increased, keeping the pool warmer for a longer period.

For those who like the bubble pool cover design, the Sun2Solar has some of best to offer in this type of pool covers.

2. Blue Wave Rectangular Blanket – Best Solar Pool Cover for In-ground Pools

Second on the list is the Blue wave solar blanket.

The solar blanket comes in a rectangular shape. It is also in different shapes. This gives you a more customized size to pick from.

The Blue wave in-ground solar blanket is also a bubble type solar pool cover. This design makes it retain heat longer.

This solar blanket also raises the temperature of your pool without having to employ the use of expensive water heaters. The clear blanket allows more sun rays to reach the pool and heat up the water naturally.

For durability, the Blue wave comes with a 14-gauge (approximately 1.9843 millimeters) thick material.

Lastly, it is backed by a six-year warranty.

3. Harris Rectangular solar pool cover

It is environmentally friendly, and the apparent cover color allows the sun to penetrate and warm the pool.

It is grey in color, and this allows maximum penetration of sunshine during the day.

The Harris 16 Mil comes with a seven-year warranty and a two-year warranty on the full product.

4. Intex Solar Cover – Affordable Solar Pool Cover

If you have a round pool, then the Intex solar cover is here for you. This affordable solar pool cover comes in different lengths to help diversify your choice. It is available in the following diameters:

For a cheap solar blanket like the Intex, it does not compromise on quality. It reduces water loss via evaporation. It also helps in retaining heat in water.

If you are looking for a thick solar cover, the Intex is not your choice. It may not be heavy duty like the Sun2Solar or the Blue wave but, it is affordable to buy and guarantees near equal performance to the best solar pool covers.

5. In The Swim 16 Mil Ultra-Clear

The In Swim remains one of the best thickest solar pool cover options in the market. It is durable and will stand most weather conditions.

If you do not spot a size that can fit your pool, you can purchase a bigger one and trim it to your specifications.

The In the Swim solar blanket material is made of thousands of bubbles that work efficiently to transfer the sun’s heat into your pool.

An eight-year limited warranty backs this solar blanket.

Solar Pool Cover Buying Guide

Standard pool covers keep rain and flotsam and jetsam out of swimming pools. They also reduce the time used in upkeep of the pool. They likewise spare water and lessen pool compound utilization. Solar covers can do these and furthermore help warm your swimming pool.

A solar cover gives more protection than general swimming pool covers. The most widely recognized solar covers look like vast modern air pocket wraps. The air-filled rises on their surfaces not just keep warmth from getting away from the pool but additionally diffuse solar radiation over a more extensive surface territory of the pool.

Hence, a solar cover can fundamentally lessen your vitality charge by bringing down the cost of warming your pool and even wipe out the requirement for a solar pool radiator.

Unlike warm covers, solar covers with bubbles don’t have obscure shut cell polyethylene froths. Other than warm covers, another contrasting option to conventional solar covers is fluid solar covers.

Liquid pool covers are biodegradable blends of isopropyl liquor and other substance operators that buoy on pool surfaces. They make thin imperceptible layers that piece dissipation and trap warm. While choosing a solar cover for broadening the swimming season, here are the most critical highlights to consider.


Albeit solar covers are not as thick as pool covers expected to keep pets and young kids out of pools, they are as yet sufficiently solid to shield leaves and earth from blowing into the pool. The thickness of solar covers changes from 8 mils to 16 mils (800 to 1,600 gage).

Thicker solar blankets are not just more successful at keeping out earth than more slender ones, yet they are additionally better at holding heat and don’t escape effortlessly in breezy conditions. Be that as it may, they are more costly and harder to move and move up.

Bright Resistance and Color

Solar covers come in various hues. While pool covers with sea green/blue and dim tones look great lying on swimming pools, they are not as successful as clear solar covers at enabling beams of the sun to go through.

A dark blanket warms up rapidly and would appear a decent decision for keeping pools warm, yet it is not exceptionally successful because it squares daylight. Likewise, solar covers invest a considerable measure of energy sitting in the sun.

Measure and Fitting

The extent of your swimming pool is likewise an essential factor to consider when looking for a solar cover. While covering a segment of your pool with such a blanket is still superior to anything abandoning it uncovered. It is best to get a solar cover that covers the greater part of the water surface.

To get a cover of the correct size, make a point to quantify your pool at its longest and amplest segments. At that end, you can trim the cover to fit the accurate measurements of your pool.

Conventional Swimming Pool Cover versus Solar Pool Cover

Vinyl swimming pool cover can piece a great part by essentially diminishing or taking out the impacts of direct warming from the sun sparkling on the pool’s surface. The air filled rises of a solar pool cover diffuse light from the sun spreading it over a more extensive region; they give somewhat of a cradle zone between the air and the pool water, giving included insulation properties for preferable warmth maintenance over a customary cover.

These air pockets look a considerable measure like pressing air pockets. However, the plastic is thicker and made with a UV inhibitor to keep it from harm by the sun.

A solar pool cover warms gradually, to a limited extent in light of the gigantic measure of water, possibly 2 degrees daily relying upon your area, so it is key you leave the pool covered when not being used. In any case, a few sources report first-day temperature ascends in the spring to be 10 degrees.

Both conventional vinyl covers and solar covers keep warmth in from water vanishing or cooling twists. This keeps the water warmer and lessens the cost to warm your pool.


Albeit even a run of the mill cheap solar pool cover should last 2 to 3 years, a few people have revealed supplanting them more than once a season. Utilizing a solar pool cover reel will extraordinarily diminish the danger of unintended tears and broaden the life of the cover.

On the off chance that you live in a territory with summer storms with overwhelming precipitation harm from the climate. A few people like to purchase the less expensive covers, similar to a 12 mil versus 16 mil pool cover, regardless of the restricted strength and supplant them all the more frequently. Some vibe that the less expensive blue covers keep going similarly as long as, the more costly aluminized variants, however, cost considerably less.

UV beams from the sun assault the plastic and make it separate immediately, used by moving it on a reel. On the off chance that your cover accompanies a protective sheet, ensure you utilize it when walking up the reel. The impact of the sun will be opened up and thrown onto whatever is left of the cover warming it inside, which will diminish the lifetime. Likewise, if your reel is on wheels, reel the entire get together into the shade when the cover isn’t in the pool.

Upkeep of a Solar Pool Cover

  1. Wash with water and a brush once a season. Try not to utilize dish cleanser on plastic!
  2. You could purchase a little auto wash brush from the car store. One that has a floor brush handle on it.
  3. Position your pool cover reel back a couple of feet from the edge of the pool. Reel in a couple of feet of the cover and forget about it.
  4. Brush it dry more often than not, yet you can at times utilize a wet brush on the off chance that you have winged creature fertilizer or other unforgiving spots. Amid the winter months keep it inside.
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