Best Soundbar Under 500

Best Soundbar Under 500 – 7 Soundbars Reviewed

With technology evolving, TV sets are becoming less thicker thus hugely impacting the sound they give out. Compared to the Traditional TV panel, modern TVs have weak and tiny audios that make it hard to listen to music or bring out cinematic moments like explosions when watching movies. Luckily, a soundbar can help in solving sound problems[…]

cheapest android auto head units

The Cheapest Android Auto Head Unit

At the start of 2018, I had planned to upgrade my car stereo system. But, I was not looking for just any car stereo system. I wanted to purchase an aftermarket car stereo that supported android auto. Most sites I looked for either provided expensive android auto head units while others suggested car stereos that never even[…]

best gaming mouse for large hands

Best Gaming Mouse for Large Hands 2018

If you have been looking for a bigger handed mouse like I have been, then you know the frustration of buying a mouse only to find it is a smaller size. To make matters worse, most blogs and reviews that suggest the best gaming mouse for large hands never test them before review or just pick them[…]