The Best Standing Desk Converter Reviews 2018

Research shows sitting too much is bad for your health. Spending much of your time sitting not only leads to heart diseases, early death and higher risks of diabetes but sitting too much is also linked to weight gain and obesity. Using standing desk converter reduces these health problems and improves our well being.

A standing desk converter can be a device or furniture that rests on top of your desk and give you a raised platform to work while standing. There are different types of standing desks in the market.

Here are the common converter desks types:

  1. Sit to Stand desk converters
  2. Height adjustable standing desk converters
  3. Fixed standing desk converters

These are just some of the standing desk converters available on the market below we review each and list down their pros and cons.

Sit to stand standing desk converters.

The sit to stand desk converters are the type that can be lowered or raised using levers whenever you need to switch from sitting to standing or vice versa.

They come ready assembled and depending on the size of your desk, they can be placed on top, and they do not require unique installation.

This type of standing desk converters can be quite costly fetching up to $450. Advanced models of this kind of desk converters that use electricity can fetch up to around $600.

Height adjustable standing desks converters

These type of stand up desk converters are one inexpensive and are mainly made of wood. They are highly portable and do not require special tools or abilities to set them up.

They come with shelves that can be moved up or down to fit your preferences.

They come at a lower price making them one of the best cheap standing desks converters around to buy.

Fixed Standing Desk Converters

These types of standing desk converters are best in offering stability with minimal or no vibrations at all.

They come with monitor stands to fix and attach your monitor in place. Their price ranges from $200 to up to $350. Advanced models that support dual or three monitors might cost you more.

Fixed standing desk converters do come with limitations as well. For starters, they cannot be moved around easily. Second, the monitor and keyboard area is fixed in one place. If you are to buy one of the fixed desk converters make sure you get the correct one for your height

To help you choose better, here is a standing desk height calculator.

These are just some of the standing desks converters, with time and improvement in technology more models and designs enter the market.

With that out of the way, here are our list of the best standing desk converters.

Now that you know what to look out for in a standing desk converter. Here are our handpicked best standing desk converters.

1. VARIDESK – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Best Standing Desk Converter

If you are looking for stable and solidly built standing desk converter, then the Varidesk Pro plus 36 is one of the best choices we found in the search for the best standing desk converter.

Why is it the best standing desk converter?

First and foremost, the smooth and superior finish of this desk converter is nothing to go past. A solid and ergonomic desk converter matters, but the aesthetic part is nothing to leave when searching for a standing desk converter.

The round edges make this a safe desk converter even at home. This is because you do not have to worry about serious injuries when you or a child accidentally bumps on the desk.

The design of the Varidesk incorporates two separate spaces. The upper deck of the desk is quite spacious and can accommodate up to two monitors. The keyboard/mouse deck also has plenty of room to for fitting in your basic accessories.

For height adjustment, the Varidesk has up to 11 different positions, the maximum height being 24-inches. This makes it easy to customize according to your height.

At sitting level, the keyboard/mouse deck is about one-inch higher than the surface of your desk. The upper deck is about five-inches from your desk. This makes the Varidesk a suitable option if you choose to switch between sitting and standing periodically.

Is it hard to assembly? I have seen many people asking this question. The Varidesk comes already put together. So, no assembly required. When you receive it, just unpack, untape and put it on your desk.

The maximum weight the Varidesk can handle is 35lbs. The good about the Varidesk is even after being packed with this much weight, it remains firm, and you cannot notice even the slightest bit of wobbling.

Raising and lowering the decks is also quite smooth and effortless even when the working is full. The Varidesk also utilizes the spring-assisted lift mechanism.

The Varidesk Pro Plus comes with a one-year warranty. It also comes with a 30-day risk-free return policy in case for any reason the Varidesk is not the right solution for you. The risk-free return offer also covers the return shipping costs! But, you should have the original packaging to ensure a safe return.

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2. AirRise Pro – Cheap Standing Desk Converter

Second on our list is the AirRise Pro standing desk converter.

If you are low on your budget and you are looking for a cheap adjustable standing desk converter option, then this is an excellent choice. At this affordable price, the AirRise Pro does not disappoint.

The AirRise Pro comes in a two-tier design, i.e., the keyboard/mouse deck and the top monitor deck area. The monitor deck area is quite spacious and measures 32-inches.

The keyboard/mouse deck is stationary and does not move, but you can adjust it by adjusting the whole standing desk.

The footprint of the AirRise Pro makes it stable even when fully erected. The maximum height it can reach is 15.75-inches above your desk.

The AirRise Pro uses a pneumatic air cylinder to lower or lift the standing desk converter. This lifting mechanism can smoothly lift up to a maximum of 15lbs comfortably. Adding weight more substantial than that would require you to add additional force to lift it up. However, the AirRise can hold up to a maximum of 35lbs in weight.

This desk comes completely assembled, you only get to take it out of the box, unpackage it, place it on your desk and start using it.

For a great and inexpensive standing desk converter, the AirRise is backed by a lifetime warranty. This assures you a quality product that can give you excellent service without worries of failure.

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3. FlexiSpot  41″ Cubicles Corner Standing Desk Converter

If you are searching for a standing desk converter for your cubicle or as a corner desk, then this 41-inch FlexiSpot’s standing desk is something to consider.

This standing desk can hold and perfectly fit two monitors in place with its spacious monitor area. The Upper monitor deck is also compatible with ergonomic monitor mounts, but you will have to buy the monitor mounts separately. It also features a tablet integration port to keep your tablet safe while working.

The footprint of the FlexiSpot is quite big, and it keeps the whole unit stable with no small movements when working. The FlexiSpot 41’ can support up to 35 lbs of total weight.

With a squeeze of side handles it can be lowered or raised up easily. The FlexiSpot M4B uses gas spring hovering mechanism to adjust the positions smoothly.

The FlexiSpot 41-inch standing desk converter comes with 12 height adjustment levels. This makes it easier to switch to different positions through the day without any hassle. The maximum height adjustment is 19.6 inches above the desktop, and it can go as low as 5.9-inches.

It comes in two colors to choose from; white and black. The working decks are made of fiberboard while the frame is steel. The fiberboard is safe and meets the California Air Resource Board (CARB) standards.

A five-year limited warranty backs the FlexiSpot M4B. You also get a 30-day period to return your purchase should you not be satisfied with the product and receive a full refund less taxes, shipping and handling costs paid by the buyer.

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4. VARIDESK Cube Corner 36′ Height Adjustable Standing Desk for Cubicles

Next on our list is another standing desk from Varidesk, the Varidesk cube Corner 36’. As the name implies, this is a corner desk standing desk converter.

Most of its features work same as the Varidesk Pro Plus 36’ that tops our list of the best standing desk converter. It comes with a great design and is available in two colors; white and black.

The Varidesk is quite smaller in size comparing it to the FlexiSpot 41’ desk converter. So, if you are looking for a smaller cubicle corner standing desk, then this is a better alternative to pick.

When it comes to ergonomics, the Varidesk brand is one of the best in this sector. This cubicle standing desk does not disappoint either. It is capable of rising to 17.5 inches when fully raised. You can also alternate this standing desk between seating and standing.

This desk can perfectly fit dual monitors, but for proper ergonomics, you can purchase a monitor arm to use with the Varidesk standing desk converter.

Operating this standing desk is as easy as it comes. The dual-sided handles make it easy to adjust it to your best height with a choice of 11 different height adjustment options.

Spring-loaded raising mechanism offers excellent support when lifting a heavy desk up. The desk converter comes fully assembled right out of the box, so no need for installation or tools to set it up.

This standing desk converter comes with a one-year warranty.

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5. VersaDesk Power Pro 36″ – Best Electric Standing Desk Converter

If you are searching for an excellent electric standing desk converter, then the VersaDesk Power Pro 36’ is an affordable and reliable choice. Most electric standing desk converters attract substantial costs, but the VersaDesk is by far an inexpensive option.

Now for the specs;

The VersaDesk Power Pro comes in a two-tier system; the keyboard and the monitor decks. The keyboard/mouse tray is fixed and moves as a whole with the standing desk.

This standing desk converter comes in four colors to choose; Black, White, gray and Maple. It is also available in different sizes. So, if you need more space or your desktop is smaller you can choose from the four-sizes available; 30’, 36’, 40’ and 48’.

The VersaDesk also gives you the choice of mounting your monitor when you buy and fix the monitor mounts. The mounting holes are 2” in diameter, and there are a total of three holes on the standing desk.

The footprint of the desk provides a stable base to avoid wobbling when using the converter. The frame is constructed of a carbon steel frame which makes it lighter. The working surfaces are fabricated with an anti-scratch material that is resistant to dents or fading.

To adjust the height to your height preferences, you will just need to press the button located on the left side of the upper deck. This powerful motor smoothly raises the desk with little noise. The desk can be raised up to 20 inches.

The good part of the motor is it can raise a heavy desk of up to 80lbs!

A lifetime warranty protects the frame of the standing desk while the motorized parts come with a three-year warranty. VersaDesk also offers a 30-day trial period before you decide to purchase the standing desk converter.

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There are different designs of standing desks out there and finding a good one that fits your needs and budget can be quite a challenge. So what should you consider before you decide on your choice?

First, Is a Standing desk right for you?

Standing desks come with many advantages. However, standing for hours might not be good to some of us.

If you have back, legs or other health issues that might come up while standing, it is better to consult your doctor before using a standing desk converter. Standing desks might be right for most, but before opting to get one think about your health.

Now, if you have decided to get a standing desk converter, here are some tips to look out for:

  • Your desk width and shape
  • Maximum and minimum adjustable height
  • Height adjustment mechanisms
  • Cost of the standing desk
  • ​Size and working area of the standing desk
  • ​Assembly
  • Weight capacity the standing desk can handle
  • Warranty

These are just some of the pointers to look out for. Below we discuss the points in detail and how each feature is likely to affect the choice or working of your chosen standing desk converter.

Your Desk Width and Shape

First and foremost before purchasing a standing desk converter make sure you have measured your desk’s size. Why is this so important? Standing desk converters come in different sizes. Measuring the space on your desk helps you not only narrow down on your options, but you get to purchase a desk converter that fits perfectly into your space.

Measuring your desk will also save you time and money required to ship back a standing desk that does not fit properly.

So, before selecting a desk converter, make sure your current desk can accommodate it without any adjustments.

Maximum and Minimum Adjustable Height

To get the best out of a standing desk converter, always choose one that offers excellent flexibility and better height adjustments options. Choose a desk that adjusts to your required standing height. Also, you can get a standing desk that you can work with when standing or seated.

For fixed height standing desk converters, you will only be able to use them when standing.

Each standing desk converter in the market has its height adjustment range. So, when selecting one for yourself or anybody else, make sure to take into considerations their height or other factors such as shoe height and anything else that affects the height of a standing desk converter.

Height Adjustment Mechanisms

There are different ways to adjust the height of a standing desk.

You can do it manually using your hands to set it in the right position. Other options include electric, hydraulic or pneumatic adjustment mechanisms.

If you purchase a heavy standing desk converter, lifting it manually might be a challenge. If lifting some weight is not much for you, then this type of desk converter is a good choice. However, it does not go without saying manually raising or lowering your desk converter comes with its fair of advantages.

First, you get to save on electricity used to adjust electric, hydraulic or pneumatic systems. Second, with using systems powered by electricity produces noise. This may not be ideal for offices where this would cause distractions to other people.

Now, as for the electric, pneumatic or hydraulic mechanized standing desk converters, you will have to deal with noise, if any, that they produce. You will also need a power supply to power up and use this types of standing desk converters.

If your desk is always filled with working stuff or you have dual or three monitors on the stand, moving it up and down to adjust the height can be a tedious task and full of risks. If you are in this situation, hydraulic, pneumatic or electric standing desk converters are recommended.

Cost of the Standing Desk Converter

The cost of standing desk converters varies considerably. Factors like types of standing desk, material, quality, size, and accessories influence the cost.

Electric standing desk are more popular these days but, they tend to be more expensive compared to other standing desks types.

Before selecting your standing desk, check the price and see if it falls within your budget. Additional standing desk features might cost you more.

Size and Working Area of the Standing Desk Converter

Working on a small area is as hard as it gets. You will have to squeeze everything to fit in. A small standing desk converter can come in handy if you do not need other working tools or appliances nearby when working. If the keyboard and mouse are the only working tools you need, then it would be a great option.

If your coffee mug is always on your table, you will want to get a converter with enough space to avoid knocking it over while busy working.

If your job requires you to have other additional working types of equipment with you, you will have to get a standing desk converter with ample space. For example, if you are planning on adding a printer or perhaps a large monitor in the future, a small surface could inhibit your capacity to expand.

NB: Before choosing your standing desk choice make sure it will fit perfectly on your current desk space.Assembly

Most standing desks require little or no assembly. Most come ready to use and eliminate the work of putting everything together before working on the standing desk.

Apart from the standing desks converters that come with removable, adjustable keyboard or monitor place. With this type, you will have to set it up by yourself.

Standing Desk Converter Weight Capacity

If you are planning to place more massive objects or devices on your standing desk converter, you should choose a converter that can handle those contents without flipping or breaking down.

So, if you are planning to a significant number of equipment on your standing desk, opt for one that can hold more weight.

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