8 Types of Fans for Home & Office Use

1. Window fan

A window fan is a fan that is made or designed to fit into the frame of a window and has been in use for well over a decade in different kinds of home. They are used to maintain the temperatures in a home and also keep it well ventilated throughout the day and consume less energy than the regular fan or air conditioning system.



  • Window fans consume way less energy and make air conditioning units more effective and efficient.
  • House window fans are very easy to maintain
  • They are very cheap
  • Their noise level is quite high compared to other regular fans

Window fans might not be the most attractive feature, but if you want to save less on your energy bill and optimize the energy of your air conditioner system. You need to buy yourself a window fan.

2. Bathroom exhaust fan

A bathroom vent fan is a mechanically designed ventilated device that works by ducting the inside air outside through a flexible hose, drawing out moisture, odor, and fumes from inside the bathroom outdoors to improve the quality of the air in the bathroom.



  • They reduce the level of odor in the bathroom
  • Eliminate the level of aggressive chemicals in the bathroom
  • It increases the workload of the HVAC system
  • The forced air that comes in from outside can lower the interior pressure
  • It can affect productivity of your hot water heaters

Every home needs a bathroom exhaust fan if they want to maintain the quality and ventilation in your bathroom and their prices are quite reasonable

3. Ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is a mechanism designed fan that is electrically powered and installed on the roof of an apartment. It makes uses of hub-mounted rotating paddles to circulate air in the room.

Fans work by effectively by introducing slow movement into the room. Ceiling fans don’t cool air but make use a much lesser power.



  • They consume less enegy
  • Ceiling fans act as a source of ambient light
  • They are cheaper and affordable
  • Can be dangerous if not installed properly
  • Some make a lot noise
  • Not easy to maintain

The ceiling fan is a mainstay in every home because they are also acting as an interior décor for every home and also enhances the effectiveness of the air conditioner system.

4. Table fan

Table fans are fans that are designed to fit on a table, desk, shelf or other flat surface and can easily be moved around. They can provide a lot of power in a small area and are much handier than pedestal fans.

Table fans come in different sizes and designs that are just several inches tall and can help in keeping your room and desk cool all day.



  • They are easy to move around
  • Table fans are quite cheap compared to other cooling appliance
  • They can be uncomfortable when they are too close
  • Their cooling capacity is very low

A table fan is a mainstay especially in the study where you can easily regulate its speed so you don’t have to worry the speed.

5. Wall mounted fan

Wall mounted fans are made with tilting heads, and you can control the oscillating or directional air flow of the wall mounted fan. The quality of the wall mounted fan means the wall-mounted fans can provide a refreshing breeze without rusting or corroding.



  • They make the air conditioner unit more efficient
  • The prices are quite reasonable
  • They circulate air properly in a room evenly
  • They are not easy to maintain

Wall mounted fans are ideal for large space because they provide ventilation for the entire room. So you don’t have to spend over the odds to get one.

6. Tower fan

Tower fans are designed to get rid any air that is not needed while distributing the right amount of air. It is well-designed sleek tower design allows air to be effectively and efficiently distributed to different levels of the room, unlike the floor fan.



  • Their design make does not take up much space
  • They are beautiflly and stylishly built
  • They are efficient
  • Expensive

Tower fan is not the most popular or most affordable fan or ventilation system, but we cannot deny the fact that is one of the most effective and efficient air ventilation systems around

7. Floor fan

A floor fan is a fan that is designed to be placed on the floor of an apartment and also made with box fans. What matters in floor fan is that they can be put on the floor without them tipping over.

Due to safety concerns, when it is being made the blades are enclosed in screens that are made of plastic or wire. This keeps the fingers safe from rotating blades. In most cases, the screen can be removed so that the blades when it needs to be dusted and cleaned.



  • They are waterproof and UL certified for outdoor use
  • Can cool down large areas efficiently
  • Great for dining areas as they do not blow air directly on your food
  • Take up space in a room

A floor fan is not the most sought after home equipment or amenities, but it sure does magic to the overall ventilation of your home.

8. Pedestal fan

This is an electric and oscillating fan that is supported by an adjustable, detachable stand.

These are fully adjustable fans with a tilt-back head and are ideal for large rooms. They are usually designed with three speeds, wide-area oscillation, and a lot of are equipped with remote controls. A lot of homes have pedestal fans because of the comfort that they bring to a home. They provide a quiet breeze on the side of the bed or at the back of the sofa.



  • A pedestal fan is more powerful and has large fast-moving blades that make it more efficient
  • Provides more airflow
  • Circulate air better in a room
  • Makes more noise than other fans
  • Can lead to injury because they can knocked over by people and pets

Asides from the fact that it enhances the overall outlook of your home, a pedestal fan helps in making your room or apartment cooler even when you don’t have an air conditioner unit.


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